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You should make your money work harder for you. Equity market is among the best of the asset classes that has provided superior returns over period of time. An investment of Rs 10000 in Infosys Technologies in 1993 would have fetched a whopping 2.4 crore by 2006. That's the power of quality investment in stock market. Have a problem that you feel maybe be a little bit over your head? We can help you make those difficult decisions.

If you wish to create wealth, you need to have patience and focus on long term investments in stock market. Identifying the right opportunity along with execution strategy will lead to wealth creation. Do not have gambling attitude, rather have business oriented mentality.

If you are risky trader willing to make profit from short term trend and momentum, subscribe to our trading strategies, where every call accompanies definite target with appropriate stop loss. Discipline is the key to be successful in investment, especially in equity market. We can help you drawing a roadmap and simple techniques to follow for abiding by the rules of the game.

Our services

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Investment Calls

  • Investment Calls with minimal risk and high return

F&O Strategies

  • Future and Option strategies with definite target and stop loss

Market Research

  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Financial Learning

  • Training on stock market and trading strategy

Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio Management Services

EforEquity has partnered with one with of the leading brokerage houses in India to provide all the broking related needs of the clients including Demat services, Trading accounts and execution of trades.

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